Open Web Open Mic is back for May!


Thanks to everyone for such a successful first OWOM!

First my apologies for not posting an update sooner, we had some technical issues, but they’re resolved now so watch for lots of updates and recaps about our April, and upcoming May Open Web Open Mic events.

May’s OWOM is coming up this Wednesday May 22nd

We have some great presenters lined up, but we still have room for more! Why not take a bit of time this long weekend to throw together a short, 3 -5 min presentation about what you’re working on and share it with the local Open Web community!  We also have room for hands on demos in the Science Fair if you’d rather show than tell.

We’ll be following the same format as last time:

  • 6:00 – 7:00pm  Science Fair and Social
  • 7:00 – 8:00pm  Presentations
  • 8:00 – 9:00pm  Science Fair and Social

If you’d like to participate in the Science Fair or as a presenter, please email with a few details to reserve your spot.

RSVP now to come check out just a few of the cool things Torontonians are doing with and for the Open Web!


Want to get involved with planning this and future OWOM events, or just want to stay in touch and discuss the events? Join our OWOM google group/mailing list.

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May Dev Derby – getUserMedia


Good things are worth waiting for, including news about this month’s Dev Derby Workshop, coming up this Saturday, May 18th!

May’s topic is getUserMedia, and it has a whole bunch of exciting possibilities. Of course that gave us a bit of a challenge in terms of finding someone familiar enough with the topic to present on it. However, we’ve done it, and this month we’ll have our first remote expert!

Henrik Joreteg (@henrikjoreteg) from, author of this March Hacks article: will join us remotely to teach us about getUserMedia.

The getUserMedia function lets you access (with permission) the cameras and microphones of your users. No plugins needed! What can you do once you have this media? The possibilities are endless.

RSVP now!

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Update: Open Web Open Mic



We have confirmation of the date for this event, it’s coming up real soon on Wednesday April 10th.  We still have some presentation slots left, and lots of room for “science fair” demos, so if you would like to participate please email and let us know!

Check out the Eventbrite for more info, and to RSVP, and please share this link!

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Guest Post – February Dev Derby Workshop



by Steve Hill

I made it to Mozilla Toronto’s Dev Derby Workshop on Saturday. Admittedly, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. After all, this is an event put on by the people who make Firefox — a top-notch web browser used by over 450 million people. Fortunately, everyone in attendance and running the workshop was nice-as-could-be.

Despite the Eventbrite invitation start time of 11:00, it actually got going a little after noon. The Mozilla office is a really inviting place — open, surrounded by cold drinks, and full of comfortable chairs and couches. It’s the perfect place for tech events, as it’d be difficult to not feel welcome there, which is certainly important for newcomers.

Multi-Touch was the topic, as Mozillian Jen Fong got everyone going with very helpful examples of binding a canvas element to touchstart , touchmove , and touchend events. From there, she handed it over to fellow Mozillian Jon Buckley, who demonstrated pinch-to-zoom and rotation gestures on the iPhone.

After the presentations, we ordered pizza and started hacking on whatever we felt like. I had never done anything with touch events before, but having the demos to get started made a huge difference. In about three hours, I was able to get a memory game together.

My First Multi-Touch Game

To play, you can head to on your iPhone or Android browser. Begin by hitting the start button, and watch the center box carefully — it indicates the order you have to drag the center box to the colored boxes. There’s just one round with five turns, and it’s definitely not polished, but it’s pretty satisfying to get something together in an afternoon with technologies you’ve never used before. It certainly helps that Jen and Jon both hung around and were very willing to answer any questions participants had.

Definitely looking forward to more events like this in the future. Thanks to Mozilla, Jen, Jon, and Kensie for putting this together!

This post originally appeared on Steve Hill’s blog, who is one of our attendees.

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New Event: Open Web Open Mic



Hi Everyone,

Regnard and I (current and former Mozilla Reps council members!) are planning what we think will be a really exciting event. We’re calling it Open Web Open Mic.

It will be a social and networking event open to everyone in the Toronto area that does something with or for the Open Web. The format will be a combination Science Fair and short talks. For the first one we’re planning on giving people 5 minutes each to present, for a total of 10 speakers. There are no restrictions on the presentation style, it can be a pecha kucha, a demo, a song! Before and after will be a MozFest style Science Fair for interactive demos that attendees can check out as well as social time with a little bit of drinks and snacks.

We have two main goals for this event

  1. To help us stay more connected in terms of what each other are working on, within the Toronto Mozilla office as well as the rest of the Toronto tech community
  2. To try and promote Mozilla as Toronto’s hub for all things Open Web

What we need from you

  1. Speakers! Is your team doing something interesting that you’d like to tell everyone about? Are you working on something that you’d like buy in or collaboration from others in Toronto? Do you have a friend that works on another project that you think would benefit from speaking?
  2.  Science Fair exhibits! Are you working on something interactive? Know someone who is? So long as it’s interactive and relates to the Open Web it’s ok. For example this might be a good chance to test user reaction to a new feature you’re working on.
  3. Feedback, any help running this event would be very welcome!

More info


Thanks all, hope to see you there!

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