Firefox OS: Taking Shape


I just read a very great post about Firefox OS by Rob Hawkes and this is one of those posts that merit a blog post reaction.

Originally introduced as the Boot2Gecko (B2G) project, Firefox OS is a next-generation operating system that Rob Hawkes describes as “magical” and I completely agree. This platform has the potential to break the mobile OS space open.

I had the chance to try-out a Firefox OS device a couple of months back and it was far from the screenshots in the blog post. The graphics are cleaner and based from a video of a Firefox OS demo, the interaction is smoother and tighter.

The way it is shaping up, the Mobile OS as we know it is on its was to be “webified,” ie, folks who know how to code using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can make full-fledged apps. Rob Hawkes outlines it nicely:

Because Firefox OS is constructed using HTML, JavaScript and CSS it means you only need basic Web development skills to reach in and completely change the device experience. You could literally change one line of CSS and completely change the way the icons on the homescreen look, or re-write some core JavaScript files that handle phone-calls.

Folks in Brazil will get to see a mass-market release of affordable phones (not iPhone-level for sure) with Firefox OS via Telefonica, and this will be a testbed for how this new OS will be deployed commercially. Hacker-types can of course download Firefox OS and install an instance on their phones (Android phones most likely) and even already write apps.

Let’s see how Firefox OS will progress in the next few months.


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