New Mozilla Reps Council In Place


This week was huge for the Mozilla Reps!

There is now a new council and it replaces the provisional council that has led the Mozilla Reps program since its inception. The previous council took the tough task launching a global volunteer program and ensure that it gets off the ground the right way. Now a new council gets to continue the guiding the program in its startup stage.

The members of the new council are:

  • Majken Connor
  • William Duyck
  • Rami Khader
  • Gloria Meneses
  • Vineel Reddy Pindi*
  • Regnard Raquedan*
  • Alex Wafula*

You’ll probably wondering what the asterisks are for. I’ll get to that in a while.

The new council was selected in a very interesting manner: There was a nomination period for eligible Mozilla Reps mentors who met the criteria for council membership. At this point, a nominated person can decline. Ten mentors accepted the nomination and out of those ten, seven were selected on a lottery. Yes, a lottery. 🙂

Three members of the new council will have a one year term and four will have a six-month term ending in February. Those with the asterisks (*) are the folks who have the one year term.

On a personal note, I’m proud that the Mozilla Toronto Community is well represented in the council and I want to say “Thank you!” to the Mozilla Philippines Community who were part of my Mozilla Reps journey when I started. 🙂

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