Meet the Firefox for iOS Team!




Great news! A good number of the developers and designers that made Firefox for iOS will be in Toronto this week, so Mozilla has put together an impromptu open house.

The community is invited to meet some of the team that helped develop it, see how it works and enjoy some treats.
Where: Mozilla Toronto: 366 Adelaide Street. 5th floor
When: October 1, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The site will protect applicants’ privacy and vital proprietary information.

28 responses

  1. Doug wrote on :

    I am fed up with trying to rid firefox of Avg’s intrusive desire to be my search engine.
    It will not remove itself when asked, politely in preferences and the about:config provides no tools for the removal of this pestilence.

    If you are going to impose avg search on me I will uninstall all your applications. This is not what I signed up for.

    If you are allowing this behaviour or it is part of your install you should be more open about it.

    Doug K

  2. Lorraine Fell wrote on :

    I need help to resolve a specific problem in order to turn off my computer. The problem occurred when I tried to send a word doc attachment by email. I closed the email without sending the doc, then closed the doc from Word docs, but I can’t close the computer down: Error message says I have to close or send the doc.first. I’m stymied since nothing works. Can you help

  3. William M. Malmo wrote on :

    Help. For some unexplained reason my Firefox won’t open on my PC. I have been using it for what seems like forever but recently i can’t get on the web by using it. All of my favorites are there. I don’t want to use Google. Help!!!!!!!!!

  4. Joseph Habashi wrote on :

    I downloaded Mozilla Firefox. A sign up page showed. I filled it, there is no place to click
    for sending the info, therefore I cannot proceed to open the search engine.
    What am I doing wrong.

  5. ldd wrote on :

    Quand rouvre le moteur de recherche, Il y a une demande de don en euro en haut il y a un X pour fermé cette demande de don et il est impossible de faire disparaitre. Je me demande si je ne vais pas changé de moteur de recherche car pour moi cela devien du harcellement et je suis un francophonne de canada et non un maudit francais de france



  6. geoffrey golding wrote on :

    Firefox will not open from desktop icon.

    Firefox will not open from programs list.

    Firefox cannot be removed from control panel “add/remove programs”

    I am running win XP

    Your response will be appreciated.

    Thank you, Geoffrey Golding

  7. Robert McClellan wrote on :

    I have recently started using a new computer. I have not been able to approach the Bookmark section. What am I doing wrong? Today I am particularly interested in the TTC application for WheelTrans

    Many thanks


  8. JOHN-JAY wrote on :


  9. JOHN-JAY M STEINHARDT wrote on :

    your program is nor acccomadting to the visuialy impaired. please alloy increase in text boldness

  10. Fred Copeland wrote on :

    I have lost my email in box sub folders on the left hand side. I need them and can not access folders on the left hand side thunder bird

  11. Rhea Sutherland wrote on :

    I have a ne computer/tablet and am trying to access my firefox account and tabs…I’ve forgotten my password and am not receiving the email messages from Mozilla to reset it !! PLEASE HELP!
    Thank you

  12. Paul Logan wrote on :

    Is it possible to to reset passwords without remembering the old password.

  13. John Dragert wrote on :

    I Had Been Using Firefox for a long time and am happy with it until I tried to get rid of A few Virus In the Process Firefox was some how Altered and I could not use Firefox any more. I Uninstalled Firefox and then downloaded a newer version of Firefox. When I Tried to use Firefox There was a message that said that the Firefox Profile was Not available. I Typed in %APPDATA%mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ That also told me that the profile was not there. Why Should that be the case when I just downloaded a newer version of Firefox > Help me get Firefox back again. Help

  14. bob killian wrote on :

    For years I had used Mozilla with no problem. Then one day I inadvertently clicked YES to let it compact my input files. Now the machine is almost constantly reading/writing the input on th hard drive. How can I go back to an uncompacted input messages file?

  15. Douglas Peck wrote on :

    I am a long-time user of Firefox. It’s the best browser around. But this week when I call
    up Firefox I get “Search” instead. This renegade has also fouled up by email contacts through
    Bell Canada so that my Bell email password won’t work any more. How can I get rid of “Search”
    at no cost to myself. Any help you can give me will be appreciated. Douglas.

  16. Pat Gallina wrote on :

    I have received POPUP saying an er gent update must be installed now. I has your logo looks very official. I’m sure this is a troganhorse. A none tech might bite . Please warn foxfire users.

  17. Bible For Today Baptist Church wrote on :

    My outgoing Thunderbird email does not work. Can you fix it? It gives me the following message:
    An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded: 5.7.1 From address not allowed. Please verify that your email address is correct in your account settings and try again. Dr. D. A. Waite

  18. Peter Angrove wrote on :

    Why is my Thunderbird no longer working ?

  19. wizard wrote on :

    As of January 2017 still unreponsive / not responding

  20. David Harding wrote on :


    I’ve just downloaded Thunderbird and can’t get past the first step. I enter my email and password (I wish to use my existing email) and the program will not allow me to go further. What is this about?

  21. Dave wrote on :

    Hi, I’m running OSX 10.8.5 and am having trouble finding an old version of firefox that will run on my system. Can you help?

    Thanks so much!

  22. shaeda farooqi wrote on :

    I downloaded the latest version of Firefox Mozilla; and tried to get on my Facebook and email, but could not as they stated it had a non-secure site and would allow hackers and would not let me get into my email nor facebook.
    Why is this happening? Please let me know.

  23. nicole m turner wrote on :

    hello mozilla mr regnard. i have an amazon fire and dell laptopw intel. im woncering if android version will work on amazon rather than use its silk browser it has little features compared to chromeor mozilla. anway i continues want to put it on amazon without knowing but I Am Seriosly Considering it for dell. Whats ur advice?

  24. nicole m turner wrote on :

    mr regnard, whats the diff between mozilla and firefox? again for the dell laptop… thanks nicole turner brooklyn.

  25. Gloria wrote on :

    I lost all my BOOKMARKS when I upgraded Firefox! What happened?

  26. jim wrote on :

    cant put real player on android.I need to hear my audio processing on a smart phone for development.
    I have fire fox mobile web installed on android, but unable to get realplayer app installed.

  27. Roger Carlson wrote on :

    how do I uninstall mozilla firefox completely from my system

  28. RIchard Little wrote on :

    I need assistance with User ID and passwords for my Thunderbird account. I am with Spectrum and ever since they took over Time Warner Cable I’ve had trouble using Thunderbird for my email. Spectrum tells me that they having difficulties with some third party servers. CAN YOU HELP ME???