Mozilla Festival Science Fair in Pictures


Mozilla Festival 2012 Science Fair in Pictures

The Mozilla Festival Science Fair was one of the awesome features of the event– it featured interesting projects like a banana piano, a lab-like drink mixer, and cards that let you code. I took photos and uploaded them in Twitter– here are all of them in one nice place.

Storified by Regnard Raquedan · Mon, Nov 12 2012 02:17:56

Mozilla Open News’ Source at the Mozilla Science Fair #mozfest Raquedan
@jlin at #mozfest: Human API awesomeness Raquedan
@Firefox Turns 8 at #mozfest #FxTurns8 Raquedan
@makielab Makies at #mozfest Science Fair Raquedan
@codeclub MakeyMakey — Banana Piano! #mozfest Raquedan
@globalvoices at #mozfest Raquedan
@pybossa by the Citizen Cyberscience Centre at #mozfest Raquedan
#mozfest Science Fair in full swing Raquedan
Weburette by @mozillafactory ( at #mozfest Raquedan
Open Knowledge at #mozfest #ddj Raquedan
Tinkercad 3D printouts at #mozfest Science Fair Raquedan
Code Cards at #mozfest Science Fair Raquedan
BrowserQuest (Open Web RPG) at #mozfest Raquedan
Open Badges at #mozfest Science Fair #webmaker Raquedan
@futuresoup demoing Popcorn.js at #mozfest Science Fair Raquedan
@codebender_cc at #mozfest Science Fair Raquedan
Mozilla Reps busy behind the scenes at #mozfest @mozillareps Raquedan
#mozfest Science Fair at the 6th floor Raquedan
And we are done! #mozfest over and out! Raquedan
@majken with #FxTurns8 balloons #mozfest Raquedan

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